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Welcome to Jan-20! We are a group of students dedicated to showing the nation that George Bush does NOT have the support of all of the nation's youth. We are coordinating walkouts and other forms of peaceful protest on inauguration day to send our message strong. Jan-20 is based at Albuquerque High School in Albuquerque High School, but invite all teenagers to participate in our walkouts. We believe that everyone in this country deserves a voice, and youth are no exception. We strive to be a resource for all youth interested in activism, especially progressive thinkers. We are pleased to welcome you to our site, invite you to our message boards, and encourage you to visit our store.

11-30- Updated Resources page!
11-29- Added our site to Campus Activism Page for us.
11-16- The President has
nominated Condi Rice to take Secretary Powell's position on the cabinet.Ivo Daalder believes Powell was pushed out.
11-14- Up and running!! Make sure to check out the
message board!